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November 2009

Ideen & Objekte, Gut Rosenberg

Aachen. An attraction for people who like individual products is the sales exhibition in the Acadamy for handraft design, Horbacher Straße 319. About 40 selected studios from the Euregio Maas/Rhein area present themself at “Ideen & Objekte ” ( ideas and objects) and show their high quality works. Interested visitors can come on saturday, 07. november and sunday 8. november, to have a look at the wide-ranging of products and exhibitors. Companies from germany, belgium and the netherlands are participating. On both days the exhibition is opened from 11-19h. Also participating are Jana Walliser and Nina Kappenstein. We will show our exam-ceramic-works f.ex. a cup called TeaV with a tv on the bottom of the cup and a tableware collection called dTales, where you need to take a closer look … we look forward to meet you there! www.gut-rosenberg.de
September 2009

Article in italian ddn magazine

One more nice article in an italian magazine ddn that sums up the biggest fairs in 2009, amongst others the talent-show at the ambiente fair in Frankfurt 02/09. Abstract:

“For the Talents, design is everything: for Nina Kappenstein it means visualizing an idea, a concept and a content, a story that the object tells before displaying its form. Problems and actions of daily life, tragic or simply commonplace events, but totally there. Her dTales porcelain pieces are conscious of mass production, eating habits and globalization. But they are subtle, understated, with minor details that generally do not attract attention, but in this case determine the project.”
May 2009

Article in form magazine

A nice surprise, when I detected the dTales collection
in the design-magazine form:

“Political porcelaine. At first glance the porcelaine service ”almost.traditional” looks like classic british tableware. But the plates and cups in the “dTales” series only seemingly appear to suit a conservative tea-time setting. If you look closely, their political message unfolds: Beside contemplative country estates trucks plough through the forest, aircrafts criss- cross the sky an at the castle door a fast food chain sign dazzles - product designer Nina Kappenstein has enigmatically planted the symbols of consumerism in the idyll. The devil is to befound, as ever, in the details.
February 2009

talents exhibition, Ambiente Frankfurt

Wow, this was the talents exhibition on the ambiente
fair in Frankfurt in february 2009. A lot of new contacts,
interesting people and quite a lot of new experiences!

Also participating from left:
Nika Rams
Julia Velednitski
Jana Walliser

February 2009

talents exhibition, Ambiente Frankfurt

I will present the dTales porcelain at
the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt 13.-17.02.2009.
You are invited to come and visit me there at the
talents exhibition Hall 6.0 Stand E60!